Vigil Candidates

Congratulations to our 2018 vigil honor candidates called out this weekend. They will undergo their final Ordeal in a few weeks!


  • Peter Boll
  • Eric Ciborowski
  • William Aldenberg
  • Peter Prifti
  • Lois Horton
  • Cameron Ganong

PETER PRIFTI has been selected for the vigil honor. Peter is a member of Troop 105 in Paxton currently working on his Eagle Scout rank. Peter has served Pachachaug Lodge for many years as our Council Service Chairman for one year, and our Ring Chairman for three years. The work he has done with the troop and within the lodge is above and beyond what could have ever been asked of him. Peter’s humility and dedication to our organization was recognized by the Vigil committee and it is why Peter
has been nominated for the Vigil honor.

WILLIAM ALDENBERG has been selected for the vigil honor. Will is an Eagle Scout from Troop 161 in Sturbridge. Will was inducted into Pachachaug Lodge in 2014 and received his brotherhood in August of 2015. Last year, when we had a vacancy in our officers, Will stepped up and became our Lodge Treasurer, and he currently serves as the Lodge Secretary. Will also has been involved in NYLT leadership for many years, recently earning the prestigious Walt Josti Award last summer. On camp staff, Will
served as a BSI guide last summer and this summer will be the Assistant Outdoor Skills Director in charge of BSI. As summarized above, Will has been incredibly active, going above in beyond in multiple areas of Scouting, and we have no doubt he will continue to give cheerful service well into the future, and for these reasons, Will has been selected for the Vigil Honor.

ERIC CIBOROWSKI JR. has been selected for the vigil honor. Eric has been an extremely active member of Pachachaug Lodge since his induction, and has served in many capacities. Eric’s first year on the executive board, he jumped headfirst into Camp Service, and then served as our Second Vice Chief in 2016, and worked tirelessly to ensure the future of our lodge was a bright one, and that summer he also served as our OA Camp Coordinator. He has also worked as our Lodge Service chairman, where he served us by preparing all of our meals for all of our events. Eric is also a very active member of camp staff, and has been working here since the summer of 2015. Eric’s hard work and dedication to the scouting program are the reasons that he has been selected to receive the vigil honor.

CAMERON GANONG has been selected for the vigil honor. Cameron is an Eagle Scout from Troop 53 in Auburn. Cam has been very involved in our Lodge since his induction, including his attending NOAC in 2015, and he went to the National Leadership Seminar last fall. Cam has served in several positions, including ring vice chairman, inductions chairman last year, and this year Cam serves as your First vice Chief, overseeing the program committees, and works tirelessly to provide leadership to those committees and the Arrowmen of our lodge. Cameron is dedicated to serving our organization in as many ways as possible, and serves as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for his troop, as well as working as a lifeguard at camp. Cam’s tireless support of and service to the scouting movement and the Order of the Arrow are the reasons he has been selected to receive the vigil honor.

LOIS HORTON has been selected for the vigil honor. Lois has been an active member of the lodge ever since her ordeal. She has cheerfully served the lodge as ceremonies advisor, as well as serving as Scoutmaster of Troop 227 in Shrewsbury. Lois volunteers on several council and district committees including the camp operations committee. She has served as a key staff member for Webelos Woods for the past 3 years, and has volunteered her help at all sorts of Council and District events, as well as all of our lodge events. Whenever you ask for help or a volunteer, she is right there and ready to serve with the happiest smile you’d ever see. For these reasons, Lois Horton has been selected to receive the vigil honor.

PETER BOLL has been selected for the vigil honor. Peter Boll is an Eagle Scout from Troop 110 in Millbury. When Peter joined the Order of the Arrow in 2013, he jumped into the role of publications chairman and helped make 2015 a very successful year for Pachachaug Lodge with the all-call system and the revitalization ofThe Arrow. Today he continues to support the Publications committee as its advisor. This summer, Peter will be serving in his fourth straight year on the Treasure Valley Administrative team, where he works tirelessly beyond what is expected of him to ensure the success of our camp and council. Peter also helped found Troop 316 in Douglas and continues to be active in their trips and meetings, as well as remaining active in his home troop. For all of these reasons, Peter Boll has been selected to receive the Vigil Honor.


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