Section NE-1 Conclave 2016

Section NE-1 Conclave 2016

Hello All,

This is your 1st Vice Chief and this years Conclave Coordinator Sean Battista here with an important message. For all you brothers who went to last years Conclave, you know how fun this event is! Conclaves are our Section NE1’s biggest event and gathering of the year. This years Conclave will be hosted by our fellow arrowmen in Madockawanda Lodge. This Conclave will take place in Camp William Hinds, in Raymond, Maine, from June 3rd-5th, around a 3 hour drive away. This event will be something special following up our 100th anniversary of our order, and it is only right that the theme of this Conclave was decided and it is as stated; “Foward as One”. This Conclave will be expecting around 450 people and we will have 25 SLOTS for our lodge to attend, yes 25, so sign up as soon as possible because slots will be filling fast. More information and sign-ups regarding this event will be sent out in an email in the upcoming months so keep your eyes peeled! So are you ready for another great event brothers? Let’s carry our orders legacy foward, hand in hand, as one! Thanks again and any and all questions can be emailed to me on my new fancy email; Sincerely,

Sean Battista

1st Vice Chief



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