I’ve Just Been Tapped Out!

What’s the OA?

The Order of the Arrow is the Boy Scouts of America’s “National Honor Society”. It is comprised of deserving young men who live our Order’s three key principles in their daily life. What are those principles you ask? You’ll know when the time is right.

What’s going on?

Were you just Tapped Out at camp? This means that you have been determined by your Scout Brothers as being the best of the best. You are a living, breathing example of what it means to be a Scout. The only thing left to do now is commit yourself.

What do I do now?

You now have only a few months to complete what is known as your Ordeal. The Ordeal is were you will officially become an Arrowman. A brother in our Order.

Ordeal?? That sounds scary!

No need to be afraid. The Order of the Arrow is founded on the basis of Brotherhood and Fellowship. You will never be alone, no matter where you are and what you do. Your Ordeal is a test, but it isn’t a hard one, not for you anyway. It is a test that you have already taken, aced, and helped re-write.

Visit our registrations page to sign up for the next Ordeal. Or, visit the Organization page and send a message to the Secretary if you have any questions about signing up, or send one to the Chief or anyone else at all if you have questions about the OA.

What do I need?

The packing list for our Ordeal includes the following,

  • Frame backpack (suitable for hiking)
  • Official Scout Uniform
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Ground-cloth
  • Work clothes
  • Work gloves
  • Work boots
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket knife
  • Bug spray
  • Copy of current BSA Medical Form
  • Toiletries (with shower materials)
  • Water Bottle

We hope to see you soon, brother.

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