From the Lodge Advisor, Summer 2016

From the Lodge Advisor, Summer 2016

Lodge Adviser Minute, Summer 2016

It is hard to believe we’re half way through our program year already. Time flies when you’re having fun and I certainly have been having fun. The Lodge has been doing some great things this year. We continue to provide quality service to the Council with our projects at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation and staffing for Council and District events. We have expanded our service to the community with events like the Veterans’ Fishing Day at Treasure Valley, and the ReStore Spring Fling. The Rock Out! and Jurassic Park Fellowships and the Section NE1 Conclave reaffirmed our ties of Brotherhood. The spirit of Cheerfulness has been present throughout, even in the face of challenges thrown our way. As well as we’ve done, there are still some things we need to work on. Several of our committees, like Ceremonies, are still undermanned. We’ve had very good attendance at our events but more of our members could be involved. At our Lodge Leadership Development weekend last fall, I challenged all of our officers and committee chairs to hold each other accountable. I extend that challenge to all in our Lodge – if you haven’t heard from the chair of the committee you signed up for, contact the chairman and a vice chief. If you’ve forgotten what committee you signed up for when you turned your dues form in, contact the Lodge Secretary. If you changed your mind about what committee you’d like to be involved in, contact the chair of the committee you are interested in. If you feel you don’t know what’s going on in the Lodge, contact your OA Troop Representative. If your unit is not getting the support it needs from the Lodge, contact me and the Chief.


We have a fantastic summer coming up that is full of opportunity. For the first time in a long time (and maybe even first time ever), the Camp Staff includes the position of OA Camp Coordinator to facilitate all of the Lodge activities at camp. For those of you attending Treasure Valley for camp this summer, I encourage you to take advantage of these Lodge activities. For the weeks you are not at camp, consider mvolunteering at one of these events.

Please join me in wishing safe journeys and great experiences to all our Brothers participating in National OA events this summer. Mike G., Joshua L., and Ben L. are attending PRISM at the Summit. Sean B. and Nate E. will be at Northern Tier for OA High Adventure. I’m looking forward to attending NEXT at Indiana University with Alex S., Mike G. and Ken Choquette. Dave Hardies, Dave Carlson and Bob Gleason are on staff for NEXT.


In closing I’d like to thank Lodge Past Chief Mark Adams for his family’s generous donation of Scouting memorabilia from his father Herbert’s collection. Several of the items were sold in the patch auction at the Spring Fellowship and resulted in a significant portion of the money raised.


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