2017 Spring Unit Elections

2017 Spring Unit Elections
My name is TK H.  I am the Current unit Elections Chairman for Order of the Arrow, Pachachaug Lodge 525.  It is time to plan your troop election.  Please contact me to schedule.  My elections team will come to your troop meeting to hold the election.  When we arrive, we will need a list from you with all the candidate names.  If you have pre-printed ballots, that is a helpful time saver.  We will run the election, and report the results that night to you.  Elected scouts are tapped out during summer camp at Treasure Valley.  If your troop is not able to attend the camp tapout, you can contact the OA ceremonies team to arrange some other time.  (ceremonies@oa525.org)
In order to hold a vote, at least 50% of registered scouts have to be present.
All present scouts vote (they do not have to be in the OA).
To be eligible:
  • The scout must be First Class rank or above.
  • The candidate must have completed 15 nights of Boy Scout camping during the two years immediately prior to nomination. The 15 nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of five consecutive nights of overnight camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the BSA. Only five nights of the long-term camp may be credited toward the 15-night camping requirement; the balance must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps of, at most, three nights each.
  • Adults may be nominated by the troop committee.  They must meet the same camping requirement.  The number of adults nominated can be no more than one-third of the number of youth candidates elected (rounded up where the number of youth candidates is not a multiple of three).
  • In addition to the 1/3 limit, the troop committee may nomicante the currently-serving unit leader (but not assistant leaders), as long as he or she has served as unit leader for at least the previous 12 months.

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